Woodstock Wine Estate

Proudly Australian and family owned

Quick Facts About Woodstock

Woodstock at a Glance

  • Doug Collett, a distinguished wine industry pioneer, purchased this property in 1973. Doug concentrated on the production of red and fortified wines, converting existing old table grape vineyards to premium wine grape varieties
  • In 1983, Doug’s middle son Scott, an experienced winemaker and viticulturist, took over the running of the estate and launched Woodstock Wines. Incidentally, 2008 was the 25th year since Woodstock Wines were first released!
  • There are 19.6 hectares of vines planted to seven varieties at this estate. They are Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Chardonnay, Semillon, Riesling and Montepulciano.
  • Woodstock ‘The Stocks’ Shiraz, our single vineyard flagship wine, is made from just 31 rows planted in circa 1900, essentially dry grown Shiraz vines
  • A set of leg stocks which stands in the middle of Woodstock town – used in medieval days for the public punishment of townsfolk who over-imbibed – is where our ‘Stocks’ Shiraz finds its name. A replica of those leg stocks has been recreated at the entrance of Woodstock estate.
  • Our winemaking philosophy is to make the finest wines, which are designed to capture the essence of McLaren Vale. We ensure absolute quality in every stage from the vineyard through to the bottle, and to the glass before you.
  • You will notice that our entire range of wines is now bottled under LUX PLUS, a unique Stelvin closure with internal threads. After a lot of research, we believe this is the best closure for us. Hooray for no more cork taint @ Woodstock!
  • Here at Woodstock, we believe in serious fun. “Work hard and party hard” is our motto. It seems to have worked well for a small family-owned winery with a dedicated team. Scott has been known to insist “3 bottles of red before bed!”
  • In 2007, we built a Wildlife Sanctuary on the Estate which is home to…. 3 Long-nosed Potoroos, 6 Brush-tailed Bettongs, 3 Red-necked Wallabies, 5 Swamp Wallabies and 4 Red Kangaroos. We are hoping for some babies soon!
  • Jesse, our winery dog, guards the Sanctuary and looks after this estate and nearly empty plates!
  • Our aim is to make this an environmentally sustainable estate. We use organic mulch and recycle our water, so don’t be surprised to see our waiting staff watering the courtyard with your leftover drinking water.
  • We are also currently exploring organic and bio-dynamic viticulture… Watch this space!