Woodstock Wine Estate

Proudly Australian and family owned


The WOODSTOCK Wildlife Sanctuary grew from Scott Collett’s decision to conserve approximately 3 hectares of natural scrub to showcase some Australian native animals. An expensive vermin-proof fence was erected in 2007. After ensuring the sanctuary was free of cats, foxes and rabbits, some Long-nosed Potoroos, Brush-tailed Bettongs, Red-necked Wallabies and five male Swamp Wallabies and a Tamar Wallaby were introduced. In September 2007, four young Red Kangaroos were added to the sanctuary.

In May 2013, we had the pleasure to welcome 5 new kangaroos to the WOODSTOCK Wildlife Sanctuary. Eden, Maple, Rawnsely, Prairie and Abraham are 5 Western Grey Kangaroos who have been rescued and eventually introduced to our sanctuary. Together with our dear Western Grey Kangaroo Dusty, they will be the ones meeting and greeting you at all times.

Conservationist Rae Campbell pictured with a baby Koala likes to release rescued Koalas at WOODSTOCK. The trees are ideal for Koalas and the fence provides some safety while they are young. When old enough, the Koalas can climb the fence, to forage further afield.

Supervised feeding time is 11.30am daily for the Grey Kangaroos and some Wallabies. The Red Kangaroos and some other wallabies are less tame.

The wildlife numbers in the sanctuary will grow through breeding, and as more saved, hand-reared animals are offered to our care.

All male kangaroos are de-sexed for safety reasons.

Join the Woodstock crew for kangaroo feeding daily from 11.30am to 12pm!